Synthwave Ableton Multi Template

DDL crafted an Ableton Live template to create Synthwave songs with ease. Drum elements and synths are included with many patterns and lots of possible options to change and shape sounds and sequences. You can choose between multiple kicks and snares, adust pitch and change hihat and tom sounds. Further you have many patterns for chords, basslines, melodies and arpeggiators and you can play your own sequences easily as everthing will be automatically in tune. The scale can be changed. You can even trigger chords plus basslines by pressing down one note. Naturally you can edit everything and also use your own favourite synths, wether these come from within Live or 3rd party companies.

Pack Details:

1 Ableton Live Template Feat.:
20 Kicks
20 Snares
1 Adjustable Toms Device
10 Adjustable Bass Presets
10 Adjustable Chord Presets
10 Adjustable Melody Presets
10 Adjustable Arpeggiator Presets
100 Adjustable Patterns For The Above
Chord+Bassline Trigger Mode
All In Key E Major (Scale Changeable)

Ableton Live Suite 10.1 Needed (Or higher)

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