Reaktor SampleMod – Sample Masher

Cycles & Spots are back with another great Reaktor instrument. SampleMod turns your samples or loops into longer modulating sequences and with the implemented 254 samples can be useful for many genres like Ambient, IDM, House, Minimal, Techno and Chiptune, possibly even more depending on the samples you can import into it by drag & drop. It works by using the inbuilt sequencer to manipulate pitch and amplitute plus adding LFOs for the amp envelope, the loop start /length withing the sample and a frequency shifter. Afterwards you can further process the sound with effects (Reverb, Delay, Stereo Tremolo, Grain Delay) and lastly a compressor. You can though easily get good results by just using one of the given options to manipulate the sample.

Pack Details:

1 Reaktor Instrument / Ensemble
1 Sample Loop Player
254 Samples Implemented
50 Presets
Amp Envelope
5 LFOs
Frequency Shifter
Pan Tremolo
Granular Delay

Needs the full version of NI Reaktor 6.4.3 (or higher)

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