Reaktor Coordinates – Sample Masher

Cycles & Spots are back at NI Reaktor with Coordinates, an instrument featuring 2 sample players and 4 effects that can be manipulated with 12 LFOs. 256 finest loops are implemented which lead to rhythmic and harmonic output like soundscapes, percussive sequences. So this instrument is good for Ambient and Dance stuff as well. 20 presets are included. Even when just solely using the internal sample(s) untouched great results can be archived and the 12 LFOs bring it to the next level with long ongoing possible modulations. Watch the walkthrough video for more info.

Pack Details:

1 Reaktor Instrument / Ensemble
2 Sample Player
256 Loops included
4 Effects
12 LFO
Stereo EQ
1.26 GB

Needs the full version of NI Reaktor 6.4.3

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