Smooth Hip Hop – 50 Construction Kits

This loop pack provides 50 quality laid back Hip Hop themes, ready to use as instrumentals for your voice-overs or to go beyond and use them as a basis for your own creations.

We´re speaking of a colorful mix of 1,32 GB oldskool to newskool flavour loops.

The themes are just enough to stand on their own but also leave space for individual ideas.

While all beat and musical content is available as mixdowns and additionally split into pieces, full control is given.„Smooth Hip Hop“ comes with a total of 505 sound files to chill or get ill.

What’s in the collection?

Beats: 50 pleasure groovers as mixdowns, plus divided into pieces
(Kick, Snare, Hihat, Percussion, FX etc.)

Musical: 50 musical themes as mixdowns, plus divided into pieces
(Bassline,Rhodes, E-Piano,Piano etc.)

All sample sounds are offered as industry standard 24-bit Wavs. Downloadsize: 1,2 GB (unzipped)

All loops range between 90 – 111 BPM and 5-9 bars , 24-bit Wavs.

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