Reaktor Mutator FX – Multi Effect Chain

Mutator is a multi effect for NI Reaktor combining Tremolo, Resonator, Reverb and Delay. All these effects can be triggered / modulated from rhythmical to randomly on certain parameters. This mutates the incoming signal from subtle to drastic, like a bit of rhythmical reverb slightly changing its time or completely modulating wet signals which make the original sound unrecognizable. This makes this ensemble useful to enhance your overall mix and make your tracks more alive or to get experimental and make Ambient or IDM music. Mutator comes with 50 ensemble presets and each FX module also contains around 50 presets which can be easily (re)combined to create more ensemble presets. For those who want to dive deeper naturally all the FX modules and triggers / modulations can be changed or set up completely from scratch. The parameters which can be triggered / modulated are color-coded to make things easier.

Pack Details:

Multi FX (Ensemble) For NI Reaktor feat.:
Tremolo, Resonator, Reverb,Delay
Triggers / Modulations From 17 LFOs (Sine To Random)
50 Ensemble Presets
39 Tremolo Presets
58 Resonator Presets
54 Reverb Presets
56 Delay Presets
FX Modules Preset Mixer

Reaktor Full Version 6.4.3 (or later) needed

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