Analog 70s Oddity 4 – 300 Wav Loops

300 more Wav loops of great odd 1970s synthesizer content for Experimental / Ambient / IDM productions from Cycles & Spots. These are up to 16 bars long. Once more you can expect weird powerful synth madness from the best analog machines of the 70s, some of a rhythmical and some of a harmonic or disharmonic nature, sometimes in between. All great for the use in slower chilled projects (Original recordings 90 BPM) but these could be speeded up for Dance stuff possibly. This time West coast synthesis also has been used along the previous East coast only synthesis. Most of the content can be used in modern contexts as well, the sounds are rather unconventional / not Pop / Underground in any case. In the audio demo you always hear 2-3 loops layered.

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300 Wav Loops (4 Synths)
1.7 GB

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