Generative MIDI 2 – MIDI+Loops

More superb Ambient music MIDI files (+ Wav bonus files) from Cycles & Spots. These were once more generated by new complex modular synthesis structures and as such represent the feel of generative (non-human) music. The pack contains 5 songs , each 128 bars long (more than 5 minutes) as MIDI files and rendered Wav stems. Each song contains a chords, bass and melody channel. There are several ways of usage: the MIDI data can be changed, as well as the actual sounds (to whatever synths digital or analog) or the Wav stems can be manipulated , e.g. chopping up, re-arranging or using in a total different context (e.g. chord samples). As this pack is royalty free like all Cycles & Spots releases it can be published untouched as well.

Pack Details:

15 MIDI Files (128 Bars)
15 Wav Loops (128 Bars)
1.29 GB

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