Reaktor RetroRom – Poly Synth

Cycles & Spots sampled sounds from digital synthesizers of the 80s and used these as the basis to craft this rompler for Native Instruments Reaktor with 249 presets for obviously 80s inpired music genres but also Lo-Fi, Ambient and even House music productions. You’ll hear familiar 80s sounds but then again also in new and unheard layerings. This instrument features 2 sample players with seperate amp envelopes to layer sounds and process them further with a filter, LFO, chorus, delay and reverb. The latter FX can instanlty change all sounds to an Ambient music character. The sound sources are sampled from a single note each which makes this rompler perfect also for Lo-Fi productions as the presets sound brilliant in a 2 octaves range and get very gritty beyond that. As the LFO let’s you modulate the pitch you can make the sounds wobble as if they were playing from an old tape machine. You can save your own presets by mixing the 200 given source rom sounds.

Pack Details:

1 Reaktor Instrument / Ensemble
Rompler Synth
2 Sample Player (100 source sounds each)
LFO (Pitch, Filter)
249 Presets:
61 Bass
20 Bell
22 Brass
32 Key
35 Pad
79 Synth
943 MB

Needs the full version of NI Reaktor 6.4.3 (or higher

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