Reaktor Random – Granular Sampler

C&S deliver another fine Reaktor instrument for Ambient / Experimental productions. It’s based on randomizing granular synthesis (2 samplers) amd effects to build long evolving soundscapes. Integrated are 200 samples, 100 of these are synthesizer harmonies/ melodies and the other 100 are field recordings. The latter feature recordings of nature surroundings from different world locations, insects, motorbike engine, chantings, underwater sounds (hydrophone mic), inside-object-sounds (contact mic), wind chimes, water bottles, metal objects, flutes and more. 4 effects are available to enhance the sounds: reverb, delay, stereo grain delay and equalizer. Alltogether the instrument has 17 parameter options to randomize, these are ongoing and make it possible to create ever changing soundcapes.

Pack Details:

1 Instrument For NI Reaktor
200 Samples Integrated:
100 Synthetic Harmonies
100 Field Recording
1.2 GB

Full Version Of NI Reaktor 6.4.0 (And Higher) Needed

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