Ambient Equipment – 300 Wav Loops

Cycles & Spots deliver a great allround pack for Ambient music productions. Inside you’ll find all necessary elements: harmonic and percussive loops like synthesizer drones, abstract rhythms, effects and textures. Three methods of synthesis were used to archive interesting sounds: modular, granular and FM. This collection is superb to create complex soundscapes and even full length songs / arrangements. Naturally single loops can inspire you for other projects or you’ll find missing pieces for already started songs. All is rather on the experimental side to offer more individuality than classic Ambient. All loops have 90BPM, are up to 16 bars long and are key-labeled if applicable of course. Many have unusal lengths to keep the rhythms exciting. In the audio demo 2 loops are always layered.

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300 Wav Loops
1.61 GB

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