Ableton Synthpop Presets – 100 Presets

Cycles & Spots present 100 presets for Ableton Live for Synthpop / Synthwave productions. These are coming from the synths Operator, Analog and Wavetable. Inside you´ll find 20 bass, 20, synth, 20 pad, 20 drum and 20 optimized-for-chords presets. Throw in some more drum kits and you´re good to go and able to produce entire Retrowave songs. Naturally all 3 synths are tweakable so that the presets can be modified and automated.

Pack Details:

100 Presets for Ableton Live
(Analog, Operator, Wavetable):
20 Bass
20 Synth
20 Synth For Chords
20 Drum
20 Pads

Ableton Live Suite 10.1.5 or higher needed

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