Web Sequencer

December 2, 2019| Admin

WebSequencer is a MIDI sequencer written in HTML5/Javascript.
Chrome is recommended.
WebSequencer can load up-to four WebMidiLink compatible Web-synths.
MIDI files can be loaded by ‘LoadFile’ button or FILE-DROP.
The created song can be saved from the ‘SAVED-FILE’ link after clicking the ‘SaveFile’ button.
In addition, the song can be direct linked form ‘SAVED-URL’.
The link to ‘SAVED-URL’ will automaticaly play when check ‘AutoPlay’
Keyboard shortcuts are available for example; A..Select / S..Scroll / E..Edit / 1..Zoom1 / Z..ZoomIn / X..ZoomOut
Realtime record from MIDI-keyboard is tentatively available

Categories: Online Instrument