December 14, 2019| Admin

SN03-G Tape is free from Sender Spike.

In more detail, the features are:

  • input gain +/- 24dB
  • output gain +/- 24dB
  • NAB, IEC (15 IPS), AES (30 IPS) EQ modes
  • adjustable recording EQ (LF +/- 10dB, HF +/- 14dB)
  • adjustable reproduction EQ (LF +/- 10dB, HF +/- 14dB)
  • adjustable “head bump” frequency from 65Hz to 105Hz
  • adjustable “head bump” gain from 2dB to 6dB
  • tape hiss gain +/-30dB from ca. -76dBFS
  • complete I/O VU metering (GUI version only)
  • …and tape saturation, of course
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