Mixing On Headphones

January 2, 2021| Admin

Most people will tell you to never mix (/master) a piece of music on headphones. Here’s a different approach:

You can do so. Obviously it’s a subjective matter but if you’re on a budget or for whatever reason decide to do so…go for it. There’s obviously lots of different heaphones available from 20 bucks to 2000 and more but in the end, and that goes for speakers as well, you’ll need to know how music is supposed to sound on them. That can be easily done by simply listening to published songs. It’s all about reference and on top goes your personal taste as well. So this is just a little encouragement for beginner producers, you can go places on a budget for sure.

Learn more about studio headphones (Keep in mind though there cannot be an objective best-headphone-chart)

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