September 19, 2019| Admin

This free synth from Yofiel (Not a VST, needs rewiring) just came out:

Husserl2 is an analog emulation synthesizer that makes no compromises in quality, yet 32 voices still require only 65% of a 2.6GHz i5 at 48kHz and 5ms latency. There’s 2 oscillators with 46 waveforms, RM, FM, and soft sync. They mix into my custom 5D filter, redesigned for greater bandwidth and improved saturation. There’s also 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, sample & hold, an XY controller, and a dynamic velocity shaper feeding an internal 25×25 modulation matrix. The output VCA includes both polyphonic and monophonic limiters and compressors. MIDI Notes, programs, and all panel controls are sent and received. Named programs may optionally recall any active notes at the time you save a preset. A bank manager allows archiving and sharing of program data. The synth also includes the 44 most popular microtuning tables from SCALA. Comprehensive online help includes interactive panels displaying all available wavesets, filter spectogram, and more.

Recommendation: Do not judge by the looks or by the audio demo…

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