DX7 Rompler For Ableton

November 16, 2019| Admin

Buddy Spencer offers a huge library of smaples of the Yamaha DX7 transfered into Ableton Live racks.

“This is a video showing the content of a samplepack I created.
The pack consists of 9,77gb samples of my Yamaha DX7-Synthesizer.
There are in total 696 Instruments in it, each one consisting of numerous samples. This pack can only be used with Ableton Live (tested in Live 9.7 and 10.x). There are some samples that are a bit noisy (probably from damaged cables I used..) It’s not that apparent and might even add a bit even more character to this outstanding 12-Bit-Synthesizer ;-p

The pack can be downloaded here
It’s totally free and you can use it in all your productions.”

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